Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Podcast?


Wikipedia has a good detailed description of what podcasting is, but in a nutshell it's about providing aggregated RSS feeds of audio shows.


What is the different between a Podcast episode, series, and channel?


The three terms are analogous in the TV world:

  • Podcast Episode:  This is a single audio show plus associated RSS metadata (title, description, enclosure, etc.)
  • Podcast Series:  This is an ongoing series of audio shows, maybe on a schedule, maybe not. A podcast series typically has its own specific RSS feed.
  • Podcast Channel:  This is an aggregation of feeds or series, in much the same way a TV channel is an aggregation of TV series and programmes.  A podcast channel can be created by anyone and may have nothing to do with the actual producers of the show.  A podcast channel typically has its own OPML feed.


What is the easiest way to listen to podcasts?


You can use our site as a resource to find what you want to listen to and just click directly on the link. For some podcasts, you will need to download a podcatcher.

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