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3 Tips for Creating Your First Podcast

Podcasting is one of those things that’s only gained more and more traction over the last ten years. Many people were surprised to find the rise of popularity of podcasts, as the concept seemed like an ancient pastime. After all, the radio is the thing of yesteryears, so people being intensely entertained by merely audio was a surprise to many.

Yet, podcasts haven’t just gotten more popular, the act of podcasting has too. Thousands of new podcasts come out a day in the United States alone, and with plenty of platforms to stream on, there’s no shortage of places to create a podcast about something you’re interested in. 

However, just like all user-generated content, you’ve got a lot of competition. Creating a successful podcast with a loyal audience doesn’t exactly happen overnight. It will require the right gear, careful planning, and of course the right subject matter. To help you, here are some essential tips for creating your very first podcast.

Define Your Topic

There is no rule about what a podcast can or cannot be about. Whether it’s you sharing your support for the police force on a solo mic, or telling a story that happened to you in high school with a friend over the phone, podcasts are quite literally full of endless possibilities. They’re an opportunity to let loose and tell “your story” in an audio format. 

There are no rules about what they can or cannot be about, or the way that you present them. In fact, the more original you can be the more likely your podcast will be to strike a chord with your audience

However, you need to make sure that each podcast episode follows the same theme.  If you’re blindly wandering and changing subject episode covers you’re gonna have a hard time finding a target audience. After all, if it’s merely a general podcast with no common thread between episodes, then you’re not going to retain the same audience each time. Take the time to define your concept and topic, and make sure that each episode ties into that. The clearer you are, the more your target audience will stay tuned.

Invest In Quality Gear

A podcast that’s recorded on a high-quality microphone can completely transform your podcast. The best and most popular podcasts are the ones that were created in the right recording environment with quality gear.. In other words, if you’re recording a podcast in the middle of a noisy street. it’s not going to please your listeners’ ears. Set up a recording space in a quiet environment free from any outside distractions and racket. Besides your microphone, you also want to use the right editing equipment that will help you adjust your levels, and add musical interludes and transitions.

Plan Ahead

Once you’ve created your content, you want to plan when it will be published. Take the time to schedule when each episode will be released, and program it ahead of time. Make sure that each episode title has a catchy name that entices people to check it out. Most importantly, create something that’s original. The more you create something that nobody’s ever done, the more likely you are to get a buzz going about your podcast.

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