Pinging Multiple Podcast Directories At Once now allows you to ping, from one place, multiple podcast directories that support pinging.

Instead of having to go to iTunes,, BlogDigger Odeo, etc. every time you create a new show, you can now do it from just one page.  Just enter your feed URL and press “Ping All!”, and let us take care of it all for you – and watch the results come back in real-time!

Click here to go to the PingAll web application.

Once your ping is complete, you can bookmark the link it gives so you can easily return next time.

(If there’s a directory you’d really like to see included in the list, drop them a line and get them to expose a Ping interface.  We can handle pinging via HTTP GET, HTTP POST, and XML-RPC, and we’d love to include more directories so we could make this service even more useful!)

XML-RPC Interface

There’s an XML-RPC interface to this PingAll service too, so you can call it programmatically.  We support the standard ping interface, so you should be able to ping using the following details:

Path: /PingAll/XmlRpc.ashx
Port: 80

That method takes two parameters – the feed name and the feed URL.  ( ignores the feed name, using the one it derives from the RSS feed.)

Software such as UserLand can be configured to ping’s PingAll service using something like:

<%[“xmlrpc://”] (“My Feed Name“, ““) %>

Finally, note that you can only ping every 5 minutes using the XML-RPC interface (to stop errant programs causing problems for everyone).  There’s no such restriction on the web interface, but other sites may implement their own throttling mechanism to prevent over-pinging.

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