Information For Podcasters

Here are some hints and tips on things we provide at specifically of interest to podcasters.

Pinging Sites

When you create a new episode, you can let podcast sites know straight away by using our our PingAll! form or by configuring your software to do it.

RSS Validation

You can check and make sure we can read your feed by using our RSS Validator. If it passes here, sites should have no difficulty incorporating that data into the format they require.

Some common problems include:

  • You must have a valid XML file. If nodes don’t match up, I can’t load your feed.
  • Your dates should be in RFC822/RFC1123 format (such as ’18 Oct 2004 16:32:23 GMT’) but any decent datetime format will do. No, ‘Fri, 09 Oct 2004 18:30:00 GMT’ isn’t a valid datetime because the 9th of October 2004 was a Saturday. (Why is this error so common?)
  • You must specify things the RSS 2 format says you must specify. So if you specify an enclosure (audio file), you must specify the URL (full, please), the size (an integer) and the MIME type.

Use AllPodcast’s RSS validator, which will try to show why an RSS feed is failing. If you try this and you’re convinced you’re feed is right and my interpretation is wrong (which is most definitely not out of the question) then please let me know.

Linking To Us

Please feel free to link to us from your site, either as a general search or as a link to our home page.

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