Gain Valuable Travel Insights with Podcasts

Before we explore
how podcasts can assist you with travelling issues, let’s quickly define what a
podcast actually is. The term ‘podcast’ refers to an audio recording, which
might be in various digital formats, which is in some ways similar to an audio
book, although podcasts are a different way to ingest information, like
articles and blogs, only in audio form.

How to Listen
to a Podcast?

You can listen to
a podcast from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, and if you are streaming
the podcast, you will need an Internet connection, although you can download
the file and listen while offline. Using Bluetooth technology, you can potter
about the garden while listening to a traveller’s experiences on the
Trans-Siberian Railway, or even enjoy Stephen Fry narrating an exciting novel,
and there are podcasts on many exciting aspects of life, such as:

  • Travel
  • Audio
  • Yoga instruction
  • Buddhist
  • Current
    news and debates

Some people prefer
listening to reading, and podcasts are a convenient way to learn about many

Real Life
Travelling Experiences

If, for example,
you were planning to stay at a Samui beach resort, you can listen to the experiences of other
travellers, which will really prepare you for your own experience. Podcasts can
easily be found with a Google search, as many websites are dedicated to giving
out information in audio format, allowing you to listen at your convenience.

Hotel &
Resort Reviews

You can listen to
travellers’ opinions on places they have stayed, which gives you an invaluable
insight into the amenities and the service, and this kind of information will
help you to make the right choices when booking holiday accommodation. If, for
example, some reviews mentioned a general lack of interest by the staff, this
would likely result in choosing an alternative venue, while a few 5 star
reviews would also help you to make your mind up.

Making a

Aside from
listening to other travellers’ opinions, you can record your experiences in MP3
format and upload it to a podcast website, giving other people the benefit of
your experiences, and with millions of travellers doing the same thing, up to
date information is readily available to all who know where to find it. Some
travellers have a large following and they can actually make money if their
content is widely downloaded or streamed, and if you are a serious traveller,
there’s no reason why you can’t do the same thing.


Many podcasts are
free, while some cost around one dollar and iTunes streams podcasts, so you
will not have to fork out lots of cash to listen to content, and with the help
of Google, you can find podcasts on any topic. If you are planning a long
camping trip in Alaska, for instance, there are podcasts compiled by seasoned
veterans who spend most of their time in the wilderness, offering sound advice
on every aspect of adventure travel in this huge expansion of wilderness.

Podcasts are a
great way to learn about travel in any specific location and you can listen at
your leisure and pause at any time, until you are ready to carry on with the

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