Rain Renewal Eye Drops Shares 5 Health Podcasts To Put In Your Rotation

Rain Renewal Eye Drops Shares 5 Health Podcasts To Put In Your Rotation

The popular saying that the eye is the light of the body validates the fact that the eyes remain one of the vital organs in the human body. This is the reason you have to ensure that your eyes are in the best condition.

But then, how do you go about this? It is simple. There are myriads of rain eye drops available in stores today.

The Rain Renewal eye drops remain the best option today. Apart from being free of toxic chemicals and preservatives, these eye drops are formulated with natural elements and materials to help you keep a moisturized and soothing sight.

Rain renewal eye drops have been proved to be one of the effective ways of taking care of the eyes.

However, having a good eye drop is as important as having a good sight. This is why beyond having rain renewal eye drops, you should also have some health eye podcasts in your rotation

If you have been searching for health podcasts that will help you take good care of your eyes, worry no more because Rain renewal eye drops have got you covered. In this post, you will be exposed to some health podcasts to put in your rotation. As usual, these health podcasts were dropped by Rain Renewal Eye drops.

The Dry Eye Show

This is a highly popular podcast that provides you with the various ways to take care of dry eyes and keep them moisturized. Many Americans  are vulnerable to dry eye infections and treating this condition can be frustrating. This is the reason for setting up this podcast.

The Dry Eye Show is a joint effort of Jenna Zigler, OD, and Travis Zigler, OD. The show provides you with content relating to dry eyes ranging from prescription drugs to effective approaches and ways of treating dry-eye symptoms. You can get access to the Dry Eye podcast here.

Vision Tech

As the name implies, this podcast is basically concerned about providing you with the latest and up-to-date information on modern technology used in eye care. Exciting new technological tools such as eyewear, medical optometry, contact lenses, and many others are made available to you here.

Dr. Fayiz Mahgoub is the sole host of this podcast. Access to the podcast is available  here.

Try Not To Blink

Here’s another podcast you need to include in your rotation. It is made available for optometrists and students of all locations, ages, and modalities interested in eye care. All details and facts relating to optometry are covered in this podcast.

Roya Habibi, OD, and James Deom, OD, put up this innovative podcast. It is available here.

Defocus Media

If you choose to listen to this podcast, you will be learning a lot because it gives you the room to have access to the views and opinions of experts about topics and issues in the optometric sector. Inclusive dialogues, practical application of modern and latest technologies, new practice philosophies are all made available for you.

The experts are committed to ensuring that you have the necessary information to help you maintain healthy eyes. You can have access to the podcast here.

Ophthalmology Innovation Summit

You will be missing out if you don’t consider putting this podcast in your rotation. There are several interviews held on this podcast to get you acquainted with the future of eye care. In-depth discussions are held with investors, innovators, and researchers about pressing topics in Ophthalmology.

The podcast is hosted by Tom Salemi, and available  here.

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