The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Podcasts are quickly becoming the most popular way to
consume information these days. It used to be blogs, then social media, but now
audit is taking the top spot. It’s very convenient to consume and more people
are turning to this content format, which has resulted in everyone and their
brother releasing a podcast.

With so many podcasts to pick from these days how do you
know what ones provide great content and what ones are a complete waste of your
time? We spoke to several people to get their top podcast choices. These are
all podcasts that have been around for a while and provide real value. They
aren’t new podcasts just trying to capitalize on this new trend.

Here are ten great podcasts that every entrepreneur can pull
value from. Give them a listen and subscribe to the ones you absolutely love.
There are sure to be some you connect with on this list.

Unemployable Podcast

“This is a podcast that caters to anyone looking to start a
business or wants to hear insight from someone that has started several
successful businesses. It’s hosted by Brian Clark, who has more than ten
businesses under his belt. The topics he covers on the podcast are very common
sense based and they are the real questions and topics that people are
interested in hearing about.

There is no agenda with this podcast, which I like, and
there are always topics that apply to those in the trenches and those
considering starting a business. There is always some value pulled from each
episode.” – Tad Thomas, Managing Partner of Thomas Law Offices

Rise of The Young

“Casey Adams is a young podcaster that interviews some of
the biggest names in business, and he isn’t even 21 years old. He started his
podcast after connecting with some notable entrepreneurs that he read about
while out of commission due to a sports injury.

He built his entire following through his personal brand. It’s something more business owners should be focusing on, because a personal branding agency can be a very powerful platform. Casey is a prime example, and his topics and guests are always full of great information and tips. The podcast episodes aren’t long and drawn out, which I like a lot. Several other podcasts seem to be filled with useless chatter. This one gets down to business and wastes no time.” – Christopher Kerr, VP Marketing at Earnhardt Lexus


“You can guess by the name that this is a podcast that is
all about startups, and the hurdles and issues most startup founders will
experience. The podcast interviews and speaks to successful entrepreneurs that
share their stories and provide their best tips to help you avoid mistakes and
build successful businesses.

Launching a startup can be one of the most stressful
endeavors, so it’s nice to have this podcast to turn to. You can learn based on
the different episode topics, and you can also pick up golden nuggets of
information from the guests, who have all experienced plenty of ups and downs
and have some amazing journeys to share.” – Chris Moberg, President of Slumber Search

Eventual Millionaire

“Jaime Masters’ podcast is very inspirational, as she shares
her journey, but also taps into the expertise of several other successful
entrepreneurs. The concept of the podcast is that you can achieve anything and
create a successful business if you are willing to put in the work.

She will often have guests that have built businesses that
have gone from low number to multi-million-dollar brands, and she has them walk
through the steps they took to take their business to that next level. She also
often has experts talk about different components of a successful business,
like online marketing, for example.” – Ignacio Soria, CEO of Cann & Co.

MFCEO Project Podcast

“Andy Frisella is the owner of 1stPhorm, a leading
supplement company and several other business ventures. His podcast is often
the number one ranked business podcast, and for good reason: it delivers. It’s
direct and to the point and it’s almost like a coach constantly filling your
head with confidence and motivation.

He is direct and to the point. Just a word of caution: he
drops a lot of F-bombs, so if that kind of language offends you it might be
good to skip this one. But, if that doesn’t bother you, I highly recommend
this, as Andy is not only brilliant, but also genuinely wants to see people
succeed. He isn’t selling anything. No courses to buy. It’s just value packed
podcast after podcast.” – Chad Gaynier of Clarity

Smart Passive Income

“Pat Flynn is someone that has created a massive income
stream online, across several businesses and he documents it all online. His
podcast is just another extension of his content, and it’s really good. This
podcast is great for solopreneurs that are building online assets like blogs
and affiliate niche sites.

Pat started with almost nothing and has created a very good
life for himself and it was all done by trial and error. He is self-taught and
everything he talks about on his podcast are things he has done or is currently
doing. You are learning from someone with experience when you listen to his
podcast.” – Paul Kelly, 247
CCTV Security Ltd

Entrepreneur on Fire

“John Lee Dumas interviews world-class entrepreneurs on his
podcast and he gets thousands of requests but only picks the best ones. His
guests usually have an incredible story and I like listening about all of the
hurdles and barriers these people have kicked down to reach the levels of
success they have achieved.

It’s very inspirational. Most people know the common
stories, like Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, etc. But it’s nice to hear from regular
people, and how they overcame objections, failures, etc. to make it. This is
one of my favorites and I look forward to who I am introduced to each time a
new episode drops.” – Michael Herron, Law
Offices of Michael R. Herron

The Gary Vee Audio

“If you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is then you might be
living under a rock. He has a great story and he is one of the most down to
earth and real entrepreneurs you can listen to. He is constantly putting out
content in every format imaginable, and most of it is repurposed in audio form,
which leads to constant podcast episodes being pushed out.

Gary has nothing to sell you. No courses, No masterminds.
Nothing. He is wildly successful and loves spreading the truth among the
entrepreneurship circle. I highly suggest you listen to what he says and learn
as much from him. He is entirely self-made and doesn’t sugar coat anything. He
gives it to you straight.” – Christopher Dziak, CEO of Pure Nootropics

The School of Greatness

“This is Lewis Howes’ podcast and he also publishes a video
version that is posted on his YouTube channel. He interviews some of the most
interesting and accomplished business figures and entrepreneurs and hosts his
show in a way that gets them to tell their stories.

I have listened to some episodes with people that I thought
I knew, but the way Lewis talks to them causes them to really open up, and I
learn something new and useful every time. Aside from the common names, he also
has a lot of athletes on the podcast, as he is a former athlete and is well
connected in that circle. He’s a very inspiring person and the guests he is
able to bring on are impressive.” – Pat Skinner of Answer First

The Tim Ferriss Show

“Tim Ferriss is one of the first podcasts I listened to, as
he was an author that I respected, and his books had a positive impact on my
life. So, naturally I wanted to listen to his podcasts to get more content and
insight from him.

His lineup of guests are always top notch, as he is well
connected and respected. With so many different podcasts out there these days, the
best guests are going to gravitate towards the most well respected hosts and
Ferriss is at the top. Read his books, and listen to his podcast. You will learn
something from him every time. He is that impactful.” – Hyung Park, President
of Abraham Lincoln University

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