The Many Different Ways That Podcasts Can Be Used to Benefit Society

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A podcast can be
audio, video, PDF and ePub files that are streamed over the Internet and can be
viewed by any digital device, and while podcasts have been around for a while,
thanks to people like Joe Rogan, who enjoys millions of listeners when he
interviews celebrities. There are, however, many different ways that podcasts
can be of benefit to society, and we will examine some of these in this

  • Education – Podcasts can be used to tell stories to young
    children, or a podcast could be a form of presenting a project to the class,
    which is becoming a popular method of project presentation. One of the benefits
    of podcasts in education is that the listener can move at their own pace,
    re-listening when necessary to ensure full comprehension, as many times as is
    required. Podcasts are widely used in distance learning with all ages from
    young to adults.
  • News & Current Affairs – Of course, there are many news channels
    that use podcasts, as they can easily be created by reporters in the field,
    then sent via the Internet to the studio. Podcasts are even sent to Earth from
    the ISS, showing the astronauts floating around as they go about their daily
  • Entertainment – A few famous comedians use podcasts, such as Ricky
    Gervais, Stephen Fry and Adam Corolla, and there have even been cases of strippers
    in Sydney

    performing at a Buck’s night broadcasting the show on the Internet via a
    podcast. The very popular Joe Rogan Show is perhaps the best-known
    entertainment podcast, which is viewed by around one million people live and
    streamed by millions more at a later time. Some comedy shows can be downloaded
    as podcasts, which is great if you miss the live show, and a podcast can be
    listened to on any digital device.
  • Health – In Australia, for example, there are podcasts that
    discuss medical treatments, which are created by government departments and are
    available to stream online. The National Health & Medical Research Council
    is responsible for many podcasts that are available online in a campaign to
    increase medical awareness.
  • Alternative Content – If certain content is not allowed to be
    broadcast on traditional media channels, it can be broadcast using a podcast,
    indeed, many people who wish to get their message out that have been censored
    by Google and YouTube, use podcasts.
  • Business & Marketing – Podcasts are used to promote live
    events, plus you can listen to podcasts about business strategies, which might
    be streamed by digital marketing companies, who are looking for new clients.

As technology
develops further, we are sure that podcasts will play an ever-increasing role
in communication across the Internet, and with millions of people benefitting
from podcasts around the world, this inexpensive and versatile method of
sending out information has a secure place in our future.

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